The majority of these cars belong to members of the Renn List mailing list. To see a larger picture, click on the description.......

terry steer

Terry Steer’s Petrol Blue 1980 911SC

al cabrera

Al Cabrera’s ‘86 Carrera showing one of the many uses of the 911 at his sister’s wedding.

kevin werner

Kevin Werner’s Almond Metallic1987 Carrera

denny lindsay 1

Denny Lindsay’s first 911 (above) and his current ride (below).

denny lindsay 2
dave kessler

Dave Kessler’s 1988 Carrera

nill toulme
nill toulme 2

Nill Toulme’s 1987 Targa

nill toulme 3
rich brown

Rich Brown’s 1985 Targa

mike dayton

Mike Dayton’s awesome Continental Orange 1976 Coupe

david pancerz 1

David Pancerz’s 1996 twin turbo(above) and 1997 993 (below)

david pancerz 2

Deon’s 1989 964 Coupe

sonny vo 1

Sonny Vo’s 911SC with Turbo S body

sonny vo 2
robert herbert

Robert Herbert’s 1977 911S Widebody Coupe; Robert, his cars and his favourite baby - Kate

robert herbert 2
todd nix

Todd Nix’s 1990 C2

aldo vanini 1

Aldo Vanini’s C2 Turbo (above) and his old ‘89 carrera in the pits at Imola (below)

aldo vanini 2
james bricken

An “arty” shot of James Bricken’s ‘79 Targa and a less “arty” shot....

james bricken
alan leitch

Alan Leitch’s 1976 3.0l Carrera

mike wyatt 1
mike wyatt 2

Mike Wyatt’s 1997 993 with a few extra bits added....

mike wyatt 3
svein aannestad

Svein Aannestad’s 1984 Carrera

david turner

David Turner’s 1985 Euro Carrera

david etter

David Etter’s 1985 Carrera Wide Body Targa

garey cooper

Garey Cooper’s 993

michael jordan

Michael Jordan’s Turbo S. I know he’s not a list member but it’s cool all the same

walt fricke

Walt and Kathy Fricke’s one-of-a-kind 1968 912 Targa race car with 2.7l 911 engine

kurt fischer

Kurt Fischer’s 1980 SC Weissach edition


Sharif Nijim’s 1993 964 C2

hank watts 1
hank watts 2

Hank Watts’ 1969 track car in the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, his new 993 and his first 911 during an auto-x

hank watts 3
todd meisner

Todd Meisner’s 1981 SC with a bunch of go fast stuff

buddy gainey

Buddy Gainey’s 1997 993 Turbo

john watson

John and Laura Watson’s 1974 911S

brian buxton 1

Brian Buxton’s 1979 930 as well as some shots of his other cars....

brian buxton 2
jim cunningham 1

Jim Cunningham’s 1979 Euro Coupe and 1987 Targa Widebody

jim cunningham 2
bill kelley 1

Bill Kelley’s 1972 RS look 911T and his 1997 993 C2S

bill kelley 2
vic derobertis

Vic DeRobertis 1988 Carrera Targa

james hackney

James Hackney’s 1986 930 doing what all 911’s should be doing!

michael sherman 1

Michael Sherman’s 1986 Carrera

michael sherman 2
chuck willmarth 1

Chuck Wilmarth’s 1978 Targa

chuck willmarth 2
ned zaldivar 1

Ned Zaldivar’s 1979 SC Targa

ned zaldivar 2
john helgesen

John Helgesen’s 1976 911S work-in-progress

dan germain

Dan Germain’s 1988 Targa

peter faill

Peter Faill’s early Targa

pat steiger

Pat Steiger’s 1973 911T in its natural habitat

darren wall 1

Darren Wall’s 1969 911T with 2.7l and 1989 Turbo look body update

darren wall 2
jeff stevenson 1

Jeff Stevenson’s 1992 911 Turbo

jeff stevenson 2
josh ofstein 1

Josh Ofstein’s ultra rare 1984 Turbo-look Cab -one of only three in the USA

josh ofstein 2
marc gelefsky

Marc Gelefsky’s 1986 Targa Carrera

john snodgrass

John Snodgrass’ track car project

lon tusler

Lon Tusler’s 1980 SC Targa

bryce harvey

Bryce Harvey’s 1983 SC

charlie kindel 1

Charlie Kindel’s 1988 Carrera Coupe

charlie kindel 2
mike soehnlein

Capt. Mike Soehnlein’s AACA Grand National Champion 1969 911S

tory blue 1

Tory Blue’s 1974 Targa with SC flares

tory blue 2
todd simpson

Todd Simpson’s stock 911T

ron leppke

Ron Leppke’s Slate Blue 1986 Carrera

steve putnam 1

Steve Putnam’s 1984 Turbo-look Coupe

steve putnam 2
ian campbell 1

Ian Campbell’s 1980SC Targa

ian campbell 2
larry brackett1

Larry Brackett’s awesome 993

larry brackett 2
john coffin

John Coffin’s 1987 Turbo Coupe

navid davani

Navid Davani’s 993 C2S. Follow the link for a couple off shots all 911 owners hate....

rod d'argenio

Ron D’Argenio’s 1988 Turbo coupe

clemson chan

Clemson Chan’s 1978 930 Coupe

jeroen berloth

Jeroen Berloth’s 1987 Carrera Coupe

ed kozman

Ed Kozman’s 1990 C2 Targa - with Marc Gelefsky’s 1986 Targa


Rick’s 1989 Carrera Coupe

phil danza 2

Phil Danza’s 1979 Euro spec SC with home-made graphics

lorenzo gonzalez

Lorenzo Gonzalez’s 1991 964 C2 with Ruf RCT (Ruf Carrera Turbo) conversion

rick dalton

Rick Dalton’s 1969 911T in need of a little TLC

chuck grieb

Chuck Grieb’s 1994 Midnight Blue 964

rodd wagner

Rodd Wagners’s early 911 at speed

robin sun

Robin Sun’s modified 1996 993

pierre tien

Pierre Tien’s modified 993 Cabriolet

steve warrington

Steve Warrington’s 1986 Carrera Cabriolet

tom sharpes

Tom Sharpes’ 1974 Targa

don watson

Don Watson’s Speedster

mike young

Mike Young’s 1988 959 bodied Carrera

thom fitzpatrick

Thom Fitzpatrick’s 1977S Wide Body Targa

travis blunt

Travis Blunt’s 1984 Carrera Cabriolet

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