Idle Speed - High

A quick recap:  My car would normally idle at 1200-1500rpm even when the engine was warmed up and driven for an extended period.  After the engine got warm and was shut off, the idle jumped to 2500-3000 rpm upon restart. With my dual 4" rolled custom exhaust pipes the noise was very noticeable.

The solution:  We found that the old throttle body had a small hole in it which screwed with the air/fuel mix.  So we replaced that and then we found that the auxiliary air valve needed to be replaced (thanks Dave Cooley for that tip) which cured the high idle when the engine was warm problem.  Now the car is at a nice 800 rpm idle.

Troy      troy@videoactv.com
'79 930  Petrol Blue


Ignition Key - Won’t turn

> occasinally when I go to start the engine, the key will not turn in >the ignition.  Removing the key and reinserting, and/or wiggling >the key will get it to work.  .

When this occurred on my 82 SC soon after I bought it, I used "canned air dust remover spray" a couple of times in a pinch as a temporary fix to get it started again. A more permanent fix came after using silicone spray in the keyhole. No more trouble for the last several thousand miles.

Andy Boshers