Jack Stands - Where to place

I put my stands under the torsion bar the extends into the rear wheel well where the spring plate is. 

 Just be careful to block the front end if you leave it on the ground.  If you jack the front use a 2x4 across the front floor pan just behind the steering mechanism.  I have the 3 ton jack stands that have a semicircular cutout.  The cutout fits perfectly with the rear and I have chiseled grooves in a 2x4 so they will not slip on the front.


Michael Rothenberg    <MRothenberg@exchange1.PRIA.com>
'82 911 SC, Euro needing lots of TLC

Place the rear stands under the round ears of the rear torsion bar tube that sticks out into the wheel well.  In the front pick a flat spot on the unibody just behind the front wheels, but watch you don't crush any lines.

Get yourself a jack pad for raising the car with a regular floor jack. If fits into the square hole where the jack goes.

WSC  83 SC