Parking Brake - Adjustment

As promised here is additional information for a 1987 911.
1. Raise the rear wheels and support. Release handbrake and push pads back in the caliprs so the wheels rotates freely.

2.Slacken the outer cable adjusting nuts on the brake backplate to remove any pretensioning of the cable. Insert a screwdriver through the hole in the drum and fully dighten the adjusting sproket so that the drum cannot be durned by hand.

3. Repeat on other side, then re-tighten the sdjusting nuts to just remove cable slackness.

4. Pull up the tunnel cover and handbrake lever boot sufficiently to check the position of the equalizer by looking through the two inspection holes. Adjust so that it is at right angles to the centerline of the car by repositioning the adjuster nuts at the backing plate.

5. back off the star wheel 4 to 5 teeth on each wheel so that the disk can turn freely. Check that the handbrake level is operation correctly When pulled up about 4 notches the brake should be on.

6. Before driving away press the brake pedal a few time to return the pads to their proper position.

That's it.
Good luck,
Jeff Canaday


Pop-Off valve - Installation

I put a pop valve in my '76 last year. It's actually pretty easy. You need a 2" hole saw & a right angle drill (I rented the drill). You might be able to do it with a regular drill, but I found it wasn't perpendicular. You can get the saw at any hardware store.

Remove the cover of the air box & the air filter. The valve goes on the left hand side where the ridges are. Drill the hole centered over the ridges. Spread the glue (include) all around the hole & the sides of the valve, & push it into place, with the flap opening INTO the air box.  That's all there is to it.

Gregory Vonderhaar

You need to be careful when drilling the hole in the later air boxes. What's beneath the ridged surface of the floor of the air box on post-'80 (or maybe '81) CIS cars is a metal manifold for the cold start valve which directs the cold start mist toward each of the 6 manifold runners.  The (stainless?) box sits about 3/4 inch or so directly under the area where the pop-off vavle is mounted,  so when drilling through the air box be careful not to let the drill go too deep.  A hole in the top of the cold start box might not be catastrophic, but would probably reduce the effectiveness of this manifold.
The hole saws designed for pop-off valve installation have a round metal rod with a flat end in place of the centering drill bit found in typical hole saws.   When drilling the 2" hole, first use a regular drill bit to drill the centering hole, being careful to just drill through the plastic air box.  Then replace the regular drill bit with the hole saw which has the metal rod taking the place of the centering drill bit.  When the hole saw completes the hole in the air box you don't have the risk of drilling a quarter-inch hole in the top of the cold start manifold before you can stop the forward motion of the hole saw.

Jim Williams
'92 C2 coupe
'78 SC w/3.6 liter (project car)