That statement just about sums up the whole 911 experience. Once you drive a 911 there is no substitute for that exhilarating feeling you get when behind the wheel.

The roar of the engine as it spins up through 5000 RPM, the way the chassis holds the road as you push through a bend, the feel of those legendary 911 brakes as you wash off speed. Itís hard to remove the smile from your face.


Welcome to Terryís 911 site.

The main purpose of this 911 site is to provide a place where Porsche 911 owners can find technical or interesting information about their cars. Iíve decided to pull together a whole bunch of the useful and interesting information Iíve found, and make it available in a reasonably straight forward and intuitive manner.

The 911 Gallery  page is packed with shots from owners all over the world. There are some great looking 911ís there so check them out.  Iíll also post any interesting shots I come across of unreleased or prototype 911ís.

Check out some shots from the Monterey Historics show with Porsche as the featured marque.

Wonder how much it costs to run a 911 as a daily driver? Check out the day to day running costs and the fuel mileage of my daily driven 911. 

Please email me with any comments or suggestions you might have.



Last updated 6 April, 1999

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